Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

The Chef took The Girl with him yesterday to visit family, leaving The Boy and I at home. While I miss them both, I am secretly happy for the break. Having just one child around is a piece of cake when you're used to two or more.  I watched the new Harry Potter dvd last night all by myself.

I used the afternoon yesterday to get The Boy's photos taken. I am approximately . . .oh . . . just a bit late for his 9 month photos considering he'll be 11 months next week. Oops.

He did so well - huge smiles, big reactions, happy baby. He is such a doll. It makes me wish I'd gone to one of the places where they print them out immediately. But I guess I'll just have to wait until next Friday to get them. I keep checking the website waiting for the photos to upload so I can post them here. I must remember to thank my sister-in-law for handing down those adorable little Nikes. I put him in those shoes, the Calvin Klein sweater I found for $3.50 and dark jeans. Adorable.

I had to be careful here because my nails looked awful - really awful!

Now if we could just get some decent weather around here everything would be just right. . .

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