Saturday, April 16, 2011

This is a neighborhood!

Photo by the Chicago Tribune

Today in honor of Organ Donor Awareness Month I thought I'd share a story that ran in Friday's Chicago Tribune. My sister-in-law recently moved to a street with a close knit group of neighbors. When one of them needed a liver transplant, a neighbor came forward. She was disappointed to learn that she was not a match, but the story doesn't end there. Another neighbor came forward and this time it was a match! The surgeries took place and the transplant was successful.  The whole neighborhood came together to help with the recovery process - bringing meals, helping with housework and more. Today, all are healthy. I can only imagine what a powerful lesson these neighbors have taught their children.  To read the whole story, click on the link below.,0,6106460.story

It just goes to show that in this world of lost connections there are still real neighbors out there willing to go above and beyond the call.

And if you are not an organ donor, please consider signing up. Below is the link to sign up in Illinois.  Signing up today could potentially save or improve up to 25 lives! It is of no cost to you or your family.

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