Tuesday, March 15, 2011

You Know You're A Mom When . . .

So I was getting ready to eat lunch when I felt something in my bra. I reached in and pulled out a Gerber puff. WOW, really wasn't expecting that one.  It was one of those total 'you know you're a mom' moments. 

I decided to write down all the "you know you're a mother when"....... that I could think of

Here we go..

You know you're a mother when you.....

---pick boogers out of your kid's nose with your fingers
---your can't remember the last time you were in the shower long enough to shave your legs
---you can change a diaper in the dark
---bodily fluids don't gross you out anymore
---another child pukes at a party and you continue to eat your cake
---you talk to yourself just for the conversation
---you take the long way home from the store just for the extra alone time
---your super-sensitive mom ears can hear the baby crying from the next county
---you hide in the closet with your treats because you don't want your children to catch you
---you silently curse people when they call during nap time
---you know the entire line up of cartoons on Sprout during the day
---you blame every crying spell on teething
---your house is taken over by toys
---you answer the questions on Dora the Explorer and learn Spanish from her
---you can take a shower in less than 2 minutes and come out clean
---if asked what your favorite song is, all that comes to mind are songs your kids like
---the lipstick and perfume in your purse are buried under toys and diapers
---you realize the kids are all napping at the same time and you think "This is living!"
---ten of the last twelve movies you saw involved talking animals

I would love to see your examples!


  1. Love it! How about:
    - Literally lock yourself in the bathroom and/or sit on the toilet longer than needed
    - talk about poop at the dinner table with friends
    - share a cup with your kid and/or eat their leftover food because you do not have time for lunch
    - play hop scotch with the toys on the living room floor
    - forget to snap your breastfeeding bra and go out in public

    these are just a few! LOL!

  2. Ooh, I think I've done all of those too, especially the bra one. I walked around all day out in public with only one side hooked. Nice.

  3. Yeah...the bra. It took my husband saying, "Is it cold on one side of the car" for me to realize I was unhooked and still flapped down...only on one side. And had been like that in the mall, at the grocery store...classy.