Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Boys Clothing Woes

The first time I went clothes shopping after The Boy was born, I vividly recall wondering where the boys section was.

There were 32 flavors of pink ensembles and only 3 dark blue outfits sporting an optional truck and/or ball logo.
Why is is that all boy clothing must involve sports, trucks/cars, tools or trains?

I had originally noticed this after The Girl was born. The girl's section in most stores is at least twice as big as the boy's section and has quite the variety.

Take for example, the boys section at WalMart. (I'm not generally a fan of their clothing. However, my kids are at an age where they wear something for about 8 seconds before it's too small so I will sometimes pick something up.) Anyway, I digress . . . The infant boys section at WalMart consists of one rack. ONE RACK!  There are at least three racks of clothes for baby girls.

Target is better, but not much. At least they have a decent amount, even if it does all subscribe to the aforementioned themes. And sometimes you can find cool 'attitude' tees.  That helps.

Have any of you struggled against the boy's clothing conspiracy?


  1. Absolutly, I have two boys and it was after the first was born that I realised how little there was on the shelf that was 'cool' for boys. In a way it was kind of a great revelation because it meant that I started sourcing clothes elsewhere, especially second hand. I also also find myself looking in the girls section a lot, there is a greater range of colours and cuts and my boys look gorgeous in a pair of flared pants or a rainbow coloured shirt, neither of which I have ever seen in the boys section of a standard inexpencive clothing store. So my idea, check out the girls stuff, maybe unpick a flower decal or some diamonties, but its well worth it when you find a great pair of orange skinny jeans :)

  2. I've gotten some great stuff second hand too. I like your idea about checking the girl's section. I've shopped in the boys section for my daughter looking for a cool tee shirt but I never thought about doing the reverse for my son. Good tip!