Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Dentist

I have no idea what prompted The Girl to watch tv like this, no idea at all.
 The Girl has her first dentist appointment today. I've tried to prepare her for it as best I can, but since I've never taken a child to the dentist I'm not sure if I've been successful or not. Apparently, she will get a checkup and a cleaning. I'm wishing the dentist luck on that one. I can't imagine trying to clean the teeth of a three-year-old, let alone my three-year-old. Bless her little heart, she is as stubborn as her mother.

Last week I got her an electric toothbrush. I was struggling with wanting her to brush her own teeth and knowing that she was doing a poor job at best. Normally, I let her brush them and then I go back to 'check.' Then I proceed to give them a good brushing myself. At her age I don't know if it's reasonable to assume that brushing her own teeth is something she can do without assistance. Obviously, she knows how but it's tough to convince her to be thorough. I figured the electric toothbrush would solve that problem.

Boy did it ever. The Girl would brush her teeth with that thing for 10 minutes if I let her. Thank you to Colgate and Dora for teaming up for my daughter's oral health! I've even got her started using my Reach flosser thingy, but only at night (there is no way I am adding a task to the get ready for the day routine - that takes long enough already!) Surprisingly, she likes it. Who knew?

As an added bonus, the electric toothbrush is slowly removing the beige antibiotic stain on one of her front teeth. That thing had been there since she was a baby. Back then, I didn't realize that if you give antibiotics to a baby with teeth that you should always wipe off the teeth afterwards because they could stain. Live and learn I suppose. 

I've even gotten The Girl involved with The Boy's teeth. We use that little rubber brush that goes over your finger with the fluoride-free gel. She gets right in there making sure all six of The Boy's little teeth are clean.  Since she is doing it, The Boy thinks it's hysterical. He thinks anything she does is hysterical.

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