Friday, January 21, 2011

Crawling Boy (Day 18)

Day 18
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I think I mentioned this before but The Boy is crawling. He's gotten quite good at it already. Those of you who've been through this before know that crawling babies mean the floors have got to be clean. The Girl just assisted me in sweeping and mopping the tile downstairs. All those teeny little specks on the carpet that aren't bothering anyone must be removed or you risk finding your crawling baby with a mouthfull of crumbs or maybe a tasty dust bunny he finds under the couch. Yeah, fun times.

Things change so quickly with The Boy. It wasn't a month ago that he would stay where you left him content with whatever toys you gave him. Now almost as soon as I set him down he is off to get something else or just explore. His new favorite thing to get his hands on are a set of three very tall candleholders I have in the foyer. I'm sure one of these days he's going to knock one of those candles down onto his pretty little noggin. He's also discovered outlets, which is kind of new for me. The Girl never cared too much for them. This Boy though, he's all about them. Yesterday he unplugged my floor lamp. Yikes!

He's sleeping now, but when he wakes up he's going to get a surprise. I dragged the gate out of the basement so I can keep him out of the foyer all together. I'm curious to see what he's going to think of that. Should be interesting. I may need to get a better gate though, since it's going into the main hallway. Perhaps one of those one-handed release kinds. If anyone has any tips on a good gate, let me know.


  1. Carter is in the beginning steps of crawling. He gets on his knees and looks like he is about to take off, but instead he crawls backwards. This is quite fun because he is really good at backing up and getting wedged under the rocking chair. It is a good laugh until he realizes he is stuck!
    Tips on gates- we had the cheap wood one with Madison and it broke quickly from her banging on it and trying to get through. Babies R Us has a good selection.
    This one is a good one, I think it is over priced but something similar to this is sturdy!
    Good luck!

  2. Thanks for the link. That looks great. Chase never crawled backwards, he just rocked back and forth for a few weeks until he figured it out.