Monday, January 24, 2011

Party Planning (Day 19)

The Girl's First Cake
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It may seem a bit early to be discussing birthday parties in my house since both my children were born in May. However, this will be the first year I have more than one birthday to contend with so I figured a bit of forethought could be useful. I'm not entirely sure what to do this year. Do I have two separate parties, thereby requiring family and friends to devote two May weekend days to our family? Do I have one big party and attempt to manage the chaos? I just don't know.

These days it seems birthday parties have become this huge undertaking. There are multitudes of places to be considered. Do you go to the bouncy place? Do you go to the princess place, the cupcake place, mini-golf, pottery, skating, swimming, bowling . . . .?

Thankfully I have exempted myself from that part of the planning. I will be having whatever I have here at my house. Plenty of people I know have had their children's parties at those sorts of places. I just figure that I've got penty of time for that sort of thing. I plan to wait until The Girl is having friend parties to cross the outside the home party bridge.

This brings me back to my original question. Right now I am leaning towards having one big family party mid-month for both kids. Then I would also have a small get together the evening of the actual birthday with grandparents and an aunt/uncle or two. That way I can actually focus on each child's birthday for a few hours when I'm not coordinating the mega party. This seems like the best option on the table for the moment.

I know some of you have more than one child, so tell me how would you handle the birthday party thing if your children's birthdays were in the same month?


  1. Carter was born on May 29th Our boys are the same age:) That is a tough thing to figure out. Madison's 1st Party was at my mom's (we have a 2 bedroom apt and both parents divorced,too many people for this little space)it was a big special thing because it was her first.

    Her second birthday we went to the park. We had found out shortly before that she had almost every food allergy possible so I did not want it indoors where there would be a room full of food she could sneak.

    This year with their Birthdays being a month a prat will be tricky. But, I know that I have to give them each their own individual one because this is Carter's FIRST and he needs to be able to have all the attention that day just like Madison got. Maybe next year I will have a joint party.

    My advice, have one at the end of April/beginning of May and one at the end of May/Beginning of June...Good luck:)

  2. My girls have their birthdays a month apart (mid-April and mid-May). Now that they're young enough that they don't mind sharing a party I am taking full advantage and have been throwing one party for both girls in the beginning of May.

    We do a smaller dinner for immediate family on the actual day for each of them, but I only throw one actual party.

    I'm sure that the time will come soon enough when they will demand separate parties, so I'm trying to enjoy the relative ease of these early years when they don't know any better.

  3. Both good ideas! I didn't think about the fact that combining may not be an option later in their lives.