Thursday, August 23, 2012

School Days

Yesterday The Girl started kindergarten. . . all day kindergarten.

It was a tough day for me. I had anticipated some tears after we dropped her off. What I didn't see coming were the tears that stopped me in my tracks here and there all day long.

I knew she was having fun and loving school. I knew she was ready to go to school all day. I just didn't realize quite how unprepared I was.

Sure I made sure she had all her supplies, her paperwork and her sneakers for gym class. I took her for a haircut, got a backpack and made the rounds at the Meet & Greet. I did everything a parent is supposed to do to get their little one prepared for school.

Unfortunately, there is little I could do to prepare myself for the quiet after I get back home from drop off. There was no way to ignore the fact that The Girl was not here. There was only one lunch to prepare, only one child to play with, no one to ask me questions. When The Boy took his nap there was silence.

I remember during the summer I would think about how nice it would be when The Girl was in school and The Boy was napping. I would have this wonderful time to myself when I could fold the laundry in peace or write a blog entry. And yet, when that time arrived yesterday, it was not what I had expected. Sure, it was 'nice' to watch a show and knock out the laundry. But what I really wanted was my beautiful little girl to be here. I wanted that one-on-one time that we've had when The Boy is sleeping. I wanted to read her a book, to play Wii, to work in the garden we tended all summer.

I know I will get used to her being gone. I will be waiting with baited breath for school to start once August returns next year.

But for right now, for today, please pass the Kleenex.

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