Thursday, May 12, 2011

To Vomit or Not to Vomit?

The Girl stumbled into our room bright and early this morning. It was so sunny that I didn't realize it was 6:30. She played for a few minutes and then said she was going to puke. I jumped out of bed hollering for her to run to the bathroom. She wandered slowly in that direction while I prayed she would at least get to the tile floor in time. My prayers went unanswered. She stopped at the top of the stairs a mere foot from the bathroom door, clapped her hand over her mouth and proceeded to vomit down the stairs. Murphy's Law came into effect as she managed to hit every single stair.

Cleaning up vomit is one of those parts of motherhood I could do without. Cleaning up vomit on carpeting is worse. Cleaning up vomit on stairs should be a method of punishment for career criminals. The carpet cleaning machine is not much help because it's difficult to balance it on the stairs. Then there is the smell. Last time this happened . . . Oh, wait, did I forget to mention this is the second time The Girl puked down the stairs? . . . yup. Score another one for Murphy.

Anyway, last time this happened I did some research online on how to get the smell out. I mixed vinegar with hot water and soaked the affected areas. Then I patted it mostly dry and applied a layer of baking soda. When that dried, I vacuumed it up. It worked surprisingly well and I didn't have to worry about The Boy or the cats getting into residue from chemicals.

Thankfully, this time it was not that hard to get up. I'll give myself a big pat on the back for feeding her light colored foods yesterday. That was convenient.

She seems fine now and hasn't puked since. We had a nice chat about how the best place to puke is the toilet and the second best place to puke is on the tile. Ah, the things you discuss with children. Never a dull moment.

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