Monday, May 16, 2011

"The Back-Up Plan" - A Quick Review

So yesterday while flipping through the TV channels I came across the Jennifer Lopez movie "The Back-Up Plan." I figured with everything that's been going on lately a fluff movie would be nice. Actually, it was pretty cute - All except for a few scenes depicting breastfeeding and/or natural childbirth. I understand that not every mother chooses to nurse and I'm fine with that. I also understand that natural childbirth is not for everyone. Me, I remember waiting as long as I could and then asking for the epidural. And a water birth was not really something I considered. However, nursing is something I chose to do willingly.

Now I don't know if you have seen this movie, but they really made the women who breastfed or had a natural child birth look like complete freaks. The characters were screaming "Breast is Best" in a store, pounding on drums during labor and chanting. The only time they bothered to actually show a nursing mother, they chose one nursing a child who appeared to be around three-years-old. I'm sure there are people out there that actually do those things but I can guarantee you that's not even close to the majority. All it does is serve to remind people who are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with breastfeeding or natural labor that 'those' people are weirdos and their ideas are bizarre.

So thanks, J Lo, for reiterating the stereotypes and making two very normal and natural things look like something only acceptable for lunatics or hippies. Real helpful.

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