Saturday, April 23, 2011

What are you wearing?

Over the last month or so The Girl has asked me on a few different occasions if I was wearing my pajamas - sometimes in the middle of the day and even once at the store.  I kind of chalked it up to her general lack of fashion sense.  She likes clothes, but is still content to wear whatever I put out the night before. The most recent questioning about my attire happened today while we were sitting in the car.  She informed that it was not fair that I got to wear my pajamas outside.  I was very patient in my explanation and went into a lot of detail about why my school drop off ensemble was vastly different from my pajamas.  He did not buy it in the least.

I started wondering if maybe she was right.  Had the line between my clothes and my pajamas been blurred to such a degree that it is even evident to a three-year-old?   I fear that I have unknowingly become eligible for the show "What Not To Wear".   I have not always been such a fashion disaster (a.k.a. lazy).  There was a time when I was a pantyhose wearing, shoe matching working girl who wanted to spend her paycheck on fabulous clothes.   Somehow I made the transition from my well thought out work attire and thinking that sweat pants should be worn only when actually sweating, to believing it is okay to wear old sneakers and a somewhat presentable tee shirt to preschool drop off.  As I peruse my closet, I notice that The Girl is right.  There is really no discernible difference between my pajamas and my clothes except for the fact that I hang my "clothes" up and my pajamas are folded and stuffed in a drawer.  Although I must admit on days when the laundry has gotten out of control (which we all know tends to happen) even I might interchange these wardrobes.

It's not totally hopeless. For the most part I do make an effort. I might not have washed my hair yet, but I did take off the sweats and toss on some jeans before running to the store. Not having an income isn't all that helpful either. I mean, I see stuff all the time that I would totally wear if I could somehow justify paying $25 for a shirt.

Anyway, I wonder how did this happen to me?  How did my pajamas become my clothes?  I also I wonder if I am just a year or two away from investing in some tent-like, floral patterned, one size fits all "house-dresses" ... you know the kind that Grandmas sometimes wear.  I don't know maybe it is practicality or necessity that has gotten me to this sad state of fashion.  I do know however that I am not alone!  I see all kinds of fashion violations everywhere that moms gather - parks, Gymboree, soccer practice, car lines, grocery stores, etc.)  I am not the only mom that finds it completely appropriate to wear baseball caps to cover bed head,  sunglasses to cover left over makeup, and yesterdays sweat pants to cover up a break down in the laundry process. I do draw the line at wearing Crocs. I stopped wearning plastic shoes when jelly shoes faded away when I was a kid.

I think it is really a matter of priorities.  There was a time in my life when it seemed imperative that I have nice underwear, but in my current situation it seems important that I have on underwear that are clean.  Making sure that my purse matched my clothing selection for the day was a concern that has now been replaced by simply locating my purse.  Allowing enough time for "hair and make-up" used to be essential to my daily routine and now I have not met a hair or makeup situation that a hat and sunglasses will not fix.  I guess for now I will be content interchanging my clothes and pajamas because The Girl has just informed me that I should get dressed so that we can play Hungry Hungry Hippos.  I guess I will go and change since I don't have the heart to tell her I am already dressed.

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