Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away

I am officially sick of rain. It has rained nearly every day for weeks around here. It's getting so bad that when the sun made an appearance for about 7 seconds this morning I actually stopped walking to stare at it. I tend to get weather-related headaches, so rainy days can actually be painful for me.

The rain screwed up Nature Week at The Girl's school. They were supposed to spend the week outside using magnifying glasses and binoculars to learn about the natural world. Instead they studied seashells and rocks in a sand table in the classroom. Still fun, but not nearly as cool.

Tomorrow we're supposed to have a picnic in the park with her school. We get to bring an environmentally friendly lunch and reusable water bottle. There will be a local naturalist to talk to the kids as well as a demonstration with actual wolves and coyotes. I am crossing my fingers and hoping the whole event will actually be held outside.

It's the end of April already and I think we've had a grand total of 5 decent days all month. Thank goodness we got all the yard work done ahead of time. The Girl's 4th birthday party is next weekend and there hasn't been one good day to get outside and do anything in two weeks!

The weather down south has been nutty too. The stories about the tornadoes in Alabama are just scary. Thankfully those we know down there are okay.

Here's hoping that May brings us the spring weather we've been missing!

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