Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I took The Girl and The Boy for a walk late yesterday afternoon since it was so lovely outside. We met a couple and their two kids just three doors down. It was really nice. They had come out to the pond to feed the seagulls so we joined them (yes, it does seem weird to be discussing feeding seagulls in the middle of the Midwest). I felt a bit awkward at first, but we're never going to have neighborhood friends if we don't start talking to them. Clearly The Chef isn't going to handle that.

They talked about all the kids that will be out all summer. I'm looking forward to that. Our old neighborhood didn't lend itself to socializing like that. I envy people with friendly neighbors and now I am even more excited about the change of seasons.

The Girl was happy because the little girl she met gave her some candy to take home.  Give my daughter candy, and you've made a friend for life. The whole 'don't talk to strangers' thing just doesn't work for her.

But anyway, I hope to meet even more neighbors this spring.  Next time I'll be sure to feed The Boy before we leave the house. I thought we'd just be gone a few minutes and I would feed him when we got home. Well, when we got home an hour and a half later I had one very hungry baby on my hands. Oops. Live and learn right!


  1. Our neighborhood is coming to life too! I have a couple of other moms who stay at home and so we usually find each other outside after nap time. It has become a weekly event to share a meal together...combine ideas, food, efforts, and families for supper. Makes the norm much more fun.

  2. That sounds great! One of the main reasons we moved to this house was so we could be in a neighborhood with lots of kids. I am really hoping to hit it off with a mom or two also. It would be nice to have a friend nearby.