Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The dreaded car trip . . .

Okay, so that's a bit strong. 

Yesterday the kids and I drove north a bit to pick up my mother-in-law from an out of state visit. Thankfully, we made plans to meet halfway so it would be less of a drive all around. I made sure to get everything ready last night since, in addition to the drive, The Girl had school in the morning. I made sure to have her pick out a dvd to watch in the car. Thankfully, The Boy naps in the car well. However, The Girl is generally just chatty enough to keep that from happening. That's where the dvd player comes in. She quietly watches a movie, he falls asleep and I enjoy uninterrupted quiet time and a little talk radio. It's kind of like heaven. (All except for the gas prices anyway)

I popped the chosen dvd in after I picked The Girl up from school. After getting her vanilla milk and banana ready I got her headphones all set up and headed off. I couldn't help but think about how crazy it is that she can watch movies in the car. When I was a kid I would have given anything to zone out and watch a movie while on a car trip. Instead, we actually had to entertain ourselves. Imagine that!

In my defense, I am not one of these moms that puts a movie on for the drive to the grocery store. It is limited to when we plan to be in the car for a long time. But boy is it a lifesaver. Whoever came up with the technology to make it happen should get some sort of prize. We drove a little over an hour and The Boy didn't wake up until after we arrived. It was perfect.

So today I raise my mug to the person or persons responsible for the in-vehicle entertainment system. I owe you!

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