Thursday, March 31, 2011

Need A Job?

No really, I've got some for you. I mean, I get them in my inbox all the time. You could make $77 an hour if you just reply to the email.  I'll forward it to you.

Yeah . . . .sure . . . Not for you, huh.

That's okay, maybe you're more interested in the job I saw on that sign on the highway exit ramp. You know, the one where you can make $2000 a week working from home just a few hours a week.

No, not that one either?

But seriously, who are these people?  I mean that all around, who are these people thinking we're going to respond and who are those people that actually respond?  Am I really supposed to believe that if you had a position available making $77 an hour you would need a pop-up ad to fill it?  Or, if you could make $2000 a week part time you would need to advertise on a sign you drew on poster board with a Sharpie and then stapled to a telephone pole?

I would think if I were offering part-time work that paid $2000 a week I would have enough applicants lined up outside my door each morning. I doubt I would ever need to advertise on some random telephone pole.  Besides, I would think the qualifications for such a job would ensure that anyone responding to a homemade sign was already unqualified.

Everywhere I go I am inundated with those ridiculous signs. They drive me nuts. I get that good jobs are hard to find, I really do. I just hope that people really aren't desperate or clueless enough to think that's the way to get one.

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