Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Universal Truths

A couple of weeks ago while I was driving my oldest to preschool,
a dj on one of the local radio morning shows was talking about
universal truths and just how accurate they are.

Have you ever heard the term “universal/absolute truths?”  It’s a term that has been debated about for years, but essentially refers to permanent facts that can apply to anyone at anytime.

I can’t remember the whole list that he spouted off, but I do remember chuckling and thinking that those truths actually were truths I had run into.  One of the ones I remember is: “When something doesn’t go the way it’s supposed to, it always makes a better story. “ So true!  Think about a trip you’ve taken - ever gotten lost on the way to your destination or had a major delay?  Again, the story is much richer because of it.

I started to think about some of the things I’ve learned over the last 32 years: as a girl, wife, mom, and friend.  I realized that I’ve learned a lot!  Common themes started to develop and I started to recognize my own universal truths.  Maybe these don’t apply to all of you, but they mean something to me and hopefully will help me throughout the rest of my life.  Some are a bit goofy, others really meaningful, but all are true in my life.

My Universal Truths:
  • Your favorite television shows always have epic episodes on the night your cable/television stops working temporarily
  • You should never have to justify who you are to a friend, because they are not a friend if they need justification about what makes you authentic
  • When you become a parent, you realize your parents were right about most things
  • Songs will always have the ability to transport you back to a specific time and place in the past just by listening to them
  • You will be having a bad hair/dress day when you see someone you want to impress, like an old flame or a school rival, out at the store
  • Someone you don’t have respect for or trust isn’t someone you want in your life as a friend or otherwise since relationships are built/maintained on this foundation
  • Bad situations often result in learning valuable lessons
  • You can find the silver lining in any situation if you look at the bigger picture
  • Whenever you soak laundry in the washing machine, you will forget about it for 12 hours…or even longer
  • Focusing on a goal too much sometimes keeps you from actually achieving it
  • At least once a year, something will happen that will shock you!
  • If you go to Target, you will not walk out empty-handed
  • While at the gym, you will find yourself working out next to someone who spends the whole time admiring themselves in the mirror
  • When you decide to grow your hair long, it will suddenly take forever to grow!
  • You can’t reason with a 2-3 year old
  • The love you feel for your children is definitely unconditional; if it wasn’t, you’d probably have quit this mom job awhile ago (or at least taken a LONG vacation from it).
I am sure there are a ton more truths that I should put on this list, but I either can’t think of them or haven’t discovered them yet.

So tell me - what universal truths are on YOUR list?

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