Saturday, February 19, 2011

Splish Splash

Recently I started bathing The Boy in the regular tub.  I've been putting The Boy and The Girl in the bath together, since I figured at least for another year or so I can get away with that (and it saves on the water bill).
Well, I knew babies generally like the big tub better than the tiny baby tub but I had no idea just how much The Boy would enjoy it.  He splashes in there like you would not believe!  His head bobs from side to side while he flashes that fabulous smile.  He smacks his palms down into the water with all the strength he can muster over and over again.  He is so fully engaged in his splashing it's hard to imagine it possible for anyone to have more fun than he is having right that second.

Then suddenly he stops.  He pulls himself up onto the side of the tub and tries to get out.  Apparently, he is not interested in the bathing part of the bath. 

Yup, he's definitely a boy.

(The photo is a stillframe from a video I shot of his splashing, thus the poor image quality and general blurriness)

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