Thursday, January 13, 2011

My favorite thing (Day 11)

We had our old neighbors over for a late Christmas today.  I just realized that if you know our old neighbors that my previous statement could be taken two ways.  My old neighbors are also old.  I make myself laugh sometimes, even though I'm fairly certain I am not terribly funny.  That said, Ted & Mary are great people who have no grandchildren of their own.  They treat The Boy and The Girl as if they were family.

Anyway, it didn't leave much time for photography or blogging.  So I decided to take a photo of my favorite purchase for our new house.  I love this thing.  I saw it in the store and thought, am I the kind of person who purchases this sort of thing?  As I stood there head cocked to one side, I realized that I loved it and I didn't care if I was or wasn't that sort of person.  So I bought it.  And I love it.

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