Monday, January 10, 2011

The Boy Can Crawl (Day 8)

day 8
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It's official now - The Boy is crawling.  Soon it will be a whole new world around here.  No more leaving him in the other room and returning to find him right where I left him.  I saw he was right on the cusp of crawling this evening, so I kept him otherwise occupied for a while until The Chef got home.  His first official act of crawling took place on our bedroom floor.  I set him down and within moments he was off on his way to The Chef.  It was good to know I actually saw it happen.  So many of those milestones seem to happen when no one is looking. 

That's it for me today though, I've got Pretty Little Liars and a documentary on Ulysses S Grant on the dvr.  Interesting combo, huh.  I'm an interesting person.

Or not.

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