Sunday, January 16, 2011

It's Awards Season (Day 14)

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Today marks the beginning of the awards season for movies and television.  I used to watch the shows with  knowledge of the majority of the films being nominated.  This year, I realized I have seen approximately none of the nominated movies.  That's what happens after you have kids.  Back when The Chef and I were dating we saw almost every movie that came out.  We had lots of free time and watching a good movie was a nice way to spend an evening.  Now, most of the movies I see are on my tv and most of those are animated.  The last movie I saw in the theater was Crazy Heart.  That was probably a year ago.  Some day I'm sure we'll get back to the theater.  Until then, I'll have to watch the award shows blindly - cheering only for those actors I like even without having seen their nominated film.

Today I'd like to see Colin Firth win as Best Actor for "The Kings Speech."  I've always enjoyed his acting and would have like to have seen him win for "A Single Man" which I thought was an amazing movie. 

Best Actor in a Comedy surprised me a bit.  I haven't seen "The Tourist" but it certainly didn't look like a comedy in the previews.  Best Actress in a Comedy is one of those awards that puts two actresses from the same film in competion, which basically ensures that neither of them will win.

My last bit of opinion is on "Burlesque" - it's up for several awards tonight.  That seems odd to me since it got absolutely awful reviews.  It's like nominating "Glitter" for an award.

I guess I'll be watching tonight to see what everyone is wearing and also to see Ricky Gervais hosting.  He was hysterical last year and I'm hoping for more of the same tonight.

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