Saturday, January 8, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside (Day 6)

day 6
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It's cold. It's the kind of cold that causes your wet hair to actually freeze upon stepping outside. To the uninitiated it looks like a beautiful sunny day. Those of us foolhardy enough to open the door discovered the sunshine had tricked us.

Living here in the Midwest has its ups and downs. We get seasons. I hear people who moved away bemoan the fact that the place they live now doesn't have seasons. I enjoy the change of the seasons. Watching spring turn into summer has a certain beauty to it. I certainly understand how someone could miss that. Those of us who continue to live in the Midwest know that summer weather turns into fall weather which inevitably turns into winter. Winter weather. Coats, hats boots, shovels and snowblowers are the weapons we arm ourselves with should we be forced to venture outside.

We, the frozen multitudes, eagerly wait for spring even though we know it is a long ways out and with our luck it will still be snowing when spring returns. We slosh through the slush and the muck left behind after the snowfall muttering to ourselves that one day we will live some place warmer.

And then, we look up. We suddenly remember that winter is not without its own brand of beauty. Icicles catching the sunlight, tree branches lined in white or frozen over entirely, pristine white lawns unmarred by footsteps . . . These are indeed beautiful. And in our own Midwestern way we resign ourselves to our fate, grab our cold weather gear and go about business as usual. For we will not be stopped by Mother Nature and her frozen wonderland. We've got things to do after all.

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