Monday, July 11, 2011

Here's To Summer Projects

A few months ago I started thinking about landscaping for our front yard. While the house itself is attractive, there was no real landscaping to speak of. The original owners had a tree and some spirea bushes planted when they bought the house, but that was it.

I've wanted to put a garden in alongside the sidewalk since the moment we moved in. Earlier this summer I started digging out the grass. I finished and then decided it needed to be nearly twice as wide as I had made it. Isn't that always how that sort of thing goes! I had started this process when the rains were fairly regular and the soil was soft. Since then the ground has become hard and cracked as it hasn't been raining much. I haven't been able to even get a shovel in more than a few inches. I decided to water the area to soften it up.  The Chef used his shovel to get the process started and then I dug the rest of the grass out.

Late last week I got a handfull of perennials to get the planting started. I mixed up the height and blooming time so we should have something blooming from late spring through the summer. Over the weekend I added some sage, catnip and oregano which will hopefully keep the rabbits away. Or not.

Here is the 'finished' product. I think The Chef plans to line the whole area with the rocks he's put in front of the rest of the house. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

In the fall I plan to add a bush to the rounded corner and eventually some solar path lights would be nice too.

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