Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Haircut

Last week I took The Girl to get her hair cut. Normally, I just trim it myself, but every once in a while I take her to get it cut by someone who actually knows what they're doing.

My poor daughter's hair. It is baby fine and mostly straight. It does nothing on it's own besides look like it needs some attention. It would love to be long and lustrous, but instead anything hanging down past the shoulders is separated and unkempt.

It had gotten about 3 inches or so past her shoulders and I had a coupon for Cost Cutters so off we went. The hairstylist decided that what she needed was about 2 inches cut off and some layers. Boy was she right! The Girl's hair looks so cute now. Apparently, her hair is slightly wavy and the layers really gave it some body and life. Plus, she looks a little younger now - which is just fine in my book! So thanks Cost Cutters!

Before Hair

After Hair

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