Monday, May 9, 2011

A Little Update

We had The Girl's 4th birthday party on Saturday and it went really well. She was great the whole day. Lately it has been a bit of a challenge to convince her to behave. She recently gave up her nap, and while I know I'm awfully lucky it lasted this long it's still a tough transition. Instead of napping, she hangs out in my bed and watches a movie.

On a totally happy note, it appears that she has finally decided to potty train. It has been a battle with her since she seems to have inherited my stubborn streak. It's just so hard to watch her refuse to do something I know she can do. We had a friend of hers over on Tuesday to celebrate her birthday. He got up during dinner without saying a word, went potty and then returned to the table. I think that really impressed her. Ever since then she has successfully used the potty. Not one accident in a week, which is a record for her. She's never made it past three days before. I almost hate to say anything for fear that I'll jinx it. She's even started waking up dry which she hasn't done in forever.  So fingers crossed please!

I'm working on weaning The Boy, which is going pretty well so far. He's down to nursing in the morning and evenings only and enjoying drinking milk from a straw cup. Tonight will be the first night I'm going to attempt putting him to bed without nursing him. Wish me luck please . . . . lots of luck. He's such a happy baby that I'm hoping this will go smoothly. Can I just say that I am so proud of myself for nursing for a year! I'm really melancholy about it almost being over but simultaneously looking forward to getting me back. It's been almost two years since I've been able to take sinus meds or decent headache stuff.  As someone whose struggled with migraine-level sinus headaches this is a huge plus for me.

On the 21st we have a wedding to attend. The Chef is in the wedding party and I am probably singing at the church. This will be our first full overnight away from The Boy. I'm looking forward to having a few drinks without worrying about still being able to nurse. I'm not complaining, but when you're a nursing mom you have to plan everything. When you eat, what you eat, what to drink, what not to drink, what the baby doesn't tolerate, etc . . . It's a huge commitment.

Finally, here's a little shoe deal for you on this Monday. At Payless they are once again having their BOGO sale. If you're like me your kids could use sandals and new sneakers. I like buying kids shoes at Payless because little ones are so rough on their shoes that it just kills me to spend $30 or more on shoes that will be beaten to death by September. Go to and sign up for email deals. You'll get a coupon for 15% off your purchase. Combine that with BOGO for a great deal. I got The Girl cute sneakers and a pair of dressy sandals for $24 after BOGO and coupon.

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