Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Laughing Inappropriately

The Girl had school today. On the drive over we got stuck behind what I assumed was an accident and everyone had to merge into one lane. As we approached the squad cars I realized it was definitely not an accident. There were probably 100 squad cars from various municipalities parked in two lanes in front of a funeral home. Officers in dress uniforms could be seen everywhere you looked. Clearly this was the funeral of a police officer.

The Girl asked me why there were so many squad cars on the road. I told her that a police officer had died and there was going to be a special ceremony to honor him. Being the creatively minded child that she is she replied "Did you drive over him with the car?"

Yeah, leave it to my daughter to make a funeral service funny. I assured her that I had not run over the police officer and we had a short conversation about death. I reminded her of when her great-grandfather passed away. She assured me that I did not drive over him with the car. Good to know since that would have been awkward.

You just never know what The Girl might say. Really.

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