Thursday, March 10, 2011

Does this make me hip?

Yeah, probably not, right! Anyhow, I would like to announce that I am currently seated in my car outside Starbucks siphoning off the wi-fi. Yup, I'm a thief. It wasn't my goal in life or anything. The Girl had school today and as usual The Boy fell asleep in the car after we dropped her off. I brought my trusty laptop (thanks Ron!) so I could update the spreadsheet for our taxes while he napped. It sure beats driving around aimlessly.

This is the first time the laptop has left the house and also the first time I've used wi-fi outside the comforts of my own home. I must say, it is a bit crazy. If you had asked me back in high school if I thought I'd ever be able to sit in a parking lot and surf the net I would have told you no. Funny how things change. What's even funnier is that I am not the only person currently sitting in a car in the Starbucks parking lot using the wi-fi.  Two others are sharing in the benefits of our mutual crime. Ooh, wait a second "Billy Jean" just came on the radio.

Cue car dancing sequence.

Okay, that's taken care of.

One more thing off my to do list.

Anyway, I hope our tax guy appreciates my spreadsheet. I know I would. Everything is totaled up and separated as it should be. If I had remembered the property tax document the spreadsheet would actually be finished, but my mom brain failed me yet again. At least I remembered the laptop, right!  I wish we had gotten our taxes done already, but the USPS let me down and it took much too long to get my hands on some needed documents.


  1. Ha Ha, I used to do that when I traveled on the road for work. Not sure it is kosher but it worked to stop just of a certain exit in the rural areas. And I could check my email...before I had a blackberry of course.