Monday, January 31, 2011

That Old To Do List

List people, they're out there.  I know I'm one .  I make lists for just about everything.  I'm not sure if I do it because my brain post-children has trouble remembering things or because I like crossing things off.  I suppose it's probably some combination of both.  It must be, since as I sit here I'm reminded that sometimes I add things to my to do list just because I already did them and I can cross them off immediately.  (Yes, I know I'm a bit odd.)  There is a lovely sense of satisfaction I get from crossing things off.

Some days I feel like I can accomplish a lot as a stay-at-home mom.  If I've made a list I feel confident I can get most of it crossed off.  Other days, I think the list sits there taunting me - reminding me that the 20 minutes worth of stuff I have to do will probably take me 20 hours.  Mental lists are the worst because you can't get away from them.  Of course, with my brain these days I generally manage to forget at least one thing on that list so there are some trade offs.

A message board I love sometimes has threads for our to do lists. We make a big list and then go back as we finish something and cross things out.  I think the accountability helps, since no one wants to be the person who didn't cross anything off their list.

Are you a list person?  Do you enjoy crossing things off?  Or are you the kind of person who sees a list and runs as if it might bite you?

Or maybe it's just wrong of me to start talking about to do lists on a Monday morning when most of us just want to pretend that Friday isn't a lifetime away.  (Not that the day of the week matters much to me anymore. . . but I do recall those days when Monday morning hit me in the face like a bucket of ice water)

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  1. I write things on my list I already did! It makes the list longer, giving the illusion I did more! Even if it is to put the toilet paper on the roll so Madison will not knock it in the toilet:)