Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Big Questions

The Girl asked me a question I wasn't quite prepared for today.

 On tv there was a black reporter interviewing a white subject.  She looked at me and said "Why aren't those two ladies the same?"  Somewhere in my head I knew that eventually she would say something about skin color differences - I guess I just wasn't expecting it at 3 years old. 

I debated in my head how best to handle the question.  I wanted to have the right level of information and sentitivity to the topic.  A few moments went by without a response from me.

At this point, The Girl says "Why aren't they the same Mama?  Why only one is wearing a green shirt?"

There I sat thinking my daughter was asking tough questions and trying to respond correctly.  All she wanted to know is why the two ladies on tv had different color shirts on. 

It's moments like this that remind me not to take myself too seriously!

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  1. I cant stop commenting! Well I am glad it was about shirt color. We live in a town that is not that populated with culture. The first time Madison saw a black person she started screaming and ran the other way. (thankfully it was through a window so he did not know)We have neighbors that are black and very nice, Madison sits outside and stares at them and asks me if she can play with the chocolate milk!
    We had a garage sale this summer and their grandmother came over and Madison said "Look mom chocolate milk" thank goodness she had a cup in her hand and I said "yeah maybe she is drinking chocolate milk."
    Its horrible! But she does not understand yet so I need to wait a while longer for her to understand.